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The quilts and works in progress here show some of the wonderful work done by Leonie and of course our customers.

We would love to see some of the work being done with our products. If you have some photos please send us an e-mail with the details. tools used, size, how long it took etc

"Mediterranean Tiles"

My name is Alise Sterling, I am 15 years old and I live in Tomerong along the south-east coast of NSW

I have been quilting for a little over 3 months and I have just completed my third major quilt.My latest quilt that I have done is my version of a quilt called "Mediterranean Tiles" from an Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine (volume 22, number 12).
Now, when I first took a look at the pattern, all I was thinking was "there is no way that I can do that." But with the help and support of Anna's Patchwork Quilt Shop and the use of Westalee Design tools I was able to start and finish "Mediterranean Tiles" in a little more than a week.
The Westalee design tools were pretty much my saviour for this quilt. With them they made creating my quilt easy and simple, but with out them I would have been lost and the pattern would still would have confusing and difficult. So it just goes to show how easy Westalee tools are to use

"Marie's Sampler"

Marie said she took a while to get this finished. We like what she has done.

Marie has purchased a Quilting Frame and is going to take her patchwork to a new level.

Quilt by Marie, Queensland

"Epsilon Auriga"

This Quilt took out first prize in Melbourne at the Victorian Quilters Showcase 2011 in the "Anything Goes" Category.

Leonie made the quilt using the Epsilon Star Setter.

The quilt measures 78" x 78", has 64 eight point stars from 2" to 18" with harlequin, striped and split diamonds. Quilted with clouds, vortex and wind current, I wanted it to look like a night sky.


The Kaleidoscope is one of Leonie's favourites and in this quilt Leonie made the Kaleidoscopes using the fabric "Under the Australian Sun".

Using her Kaleidoscope 8 Point Tool Set, Leonie made 56 x 7" Kaleidoscopes and a 15" centre block

The quilt measures 74" x 74"..... Click over quilt to open large picture

Every Quilter Dreams

"Every Quilter Dreams"

This quilt was design by Leonie in 2006 and shortly after was shown at the International Quilt Festival in Houston in 2006 as a finalist in the EQ / Newsletter Magazine competition.

Following Houston the Quilt went on tour in 2007 in the USA and was displayed in Chicago and Paducah.

The quilt measures 83" x 83",is sewn with partial seams, has 150 hand dyed fabrics, 15 different blacks, 14 Appliqué Blocks and a Center Medallion, took 4 months to complete, machine pieced, machine quilted and machine appliqued. It is Leonie's favourite

Sampler Quilt Top

"Family Reunion"

This quilt with 113 blocks, was made completely with Westalee Design's Adjustable Rulers and Templates.

The quilt top was completed in 5 weeks, some late nights in there.

The quilt measures 79" x 79"

The Blocks in this quilt are part of a competition being run by us and we hope to see some good sampler quilt examples as a result.

Westalee Design Link: www.westalee.com.au


This quilt, made by Jennifer Rooney from Anna's Patchwork, using the Constellation Pattern by Leonie West. Jennifer made the quilt using some of our templates used in the Sampler Quilt

The pattern is available exclusively to anyone making our Sampler Quilt

Sampler Quilt Top

"Never to young"

Janet C's grandson Alex who is 9 used the Tumbler Template to create these small quilts. He came over one weekend and wanted to 'help'me to get some class samples done. He went from helping to actually cutting the tumblers from 2 1/2"strips AND then sewing them perfectly with a scant 1/4"seam allowance. Jennifer, my 15 year old grandaughter is doing a design of her own

Janet teaches patchwork at Handcrafters House in Western Australia

"Shadowed Dizzy Geese"

This quilt was made by Rhonda Chandler using the Westalee Pinwheel Block Set

Rhonda has used 4 Dizzy Geese 12" Blocks with sashing and a 4" border.

Rhonda is from Queensland

"Naughty Geese in the outback"

This quilt, made by Christine from Stitch This in Kyabram, uses Jinny Beyer "Outback" fabrics. Christine used the Westalee ruler, Half Square and Quarter Square Triangles to create this quilt in under a day. Can you find the wayward goose?

Stitch This, 200 Allan Street, Kyabram, Victoria 03 5852 1200 Link: www.stitchthis.com.au

"Nine Patch and flying Geese"

This quilt was made using the Westalee Starter Set. The 18" Adjustable Ruler, the Adjustable Half Square Triangle and the Adjustable Quarter Square Triangle

Measuring 92" x 112" This is the first one I have made after starting the class (blocks 2, 4 and 5) Patches easy, how to set them out took the longest.

Love the Flying Geese. Quilt by Bev Scott, Victoria

"Spotty Whirlygigs"

This quilt was made using the Westalee 18" Adjustable Ruler and the Adjustable Half Square Triangle

Measuring 64" x 46" Made this quilt after seeing Leonies pinwheel quilt at the Monbulk Quilt Show. Made in less than two days.

Quilt by Bev Scott, Victoria

"Black and White Westalee Dash"

The quilt was made by Janet Collins using the Adjustable Ruler and the Half Square Triangle

Janet teaches at Handcrafters House and from home.

Handcrafters House, Midland WA (08) 9274 4955

"Pinwheels by Westalee"

The quilt was made by Janet Collins using the Pinwheel block Set

Janet also teaches classes with the Pinwheel Block Set.

Janet can be contacted by email by clicking here Janet Collins

Hunters Star

"Hunters Star for Punch with Judy"

Now you can make the Hunter's Star Block, a well-known traditional patchwork block, using the Westalee Design Adjustable Rulers. An excellent "getting to know your Westalee Rulers" pattern

This is our own pattern made by my staff member and good friend, Liz Colledge. A Wall Hanging or Small Quilt measuring 32" x 32" with 4 alternate layouts. Exclusive to Punch with Judy.

Punch with Judy,The Rock. NSW. 02 69 20 2238

Link: www.punchwithjudy.com.au


"A Comfort Quilt by Bernadette"

The puzzler 4" tool was used for the blocks with a 4" sashing to complete it

The quilt was made by Bernadette and completed in a week.

The quilt measures 48" x 48"

Bernadette has generously donated the quilt to "Inspirational Quilts" (an organisation that gives them to people who a having a rough time and need to know that some one cares.)


Quilts from Patchwork Place

The Stash Buster Puzzler 4" tool was used for the blocks with the outside border using the tool top to tail.

When you move the mouse over the puzzler Quilt picture, you will see Jill's Half Hexagon Quilt

The Half Hexagon Stash Buster 2.5" set was used to make this quilt
Patterns and Tools for both quilts available from the Shop.

Patchwork Place,Albany. WA. 08 9842 1466

Link: www.patchworkplace.com.au

Tarmac Fabrics

"Tarmac Fabrics - Exploring the Pinwheel Set"

What a fabulous example of the work from the girls at Tarmac Fabrics, Beryl and Carol

The quilt was made using the Westalee Design 12" Pinwheel Block Set.

Measuring 77" x 77" and set on point, Joy Friedburger did the custom quilting

Tarmac Fabrics,Kerang. Vic. 03 5452 2276

Link: www.tarmac fabrics

Kaleidoscope by Tarmac Fabrics

"Tarmac Fabrics - Kaleidoscope"

This Quilt show just how stunning Kaleidoscopes can look

Measuring 67" x67" the quilt was made by Beryl using 2 fabrics from the same family

Tarmac Fabrics,Kerang. Vic. 03 5452 2276

Link: www.tarmac fabrics

Tarmac Fabrics

"Tarmac Fabrics - A Baby Quilt"

The puzzler 11/2" tool was used in this wonderful Baby Quilt

Beryl is waiting on the birth of the Baby to complete the Quilt ,name , weight and time

Tarmac Fabrics,Kerang. Vic. 03 5452 2276

Link: www.tarmac fabrics

Quilting Gnome Quilt

"The Quilting Gnome"

This quilt was made by Edith Kozma from Leonie's pattern, "Not Quite a Log Cabin"

Edith, the quilt looks fantastic

The Quilting Gnome,Jackson's Point, Ontario, Canada. 905 722 4200

Link: www.quiltinggnome.com/


"Dutch Tiles in Blue and White"

This quilt was made by Sophia Franken and won First Prize in Showcase 2011 in the Category "First Time Entrant Amateur"

It was Hand Reverse Applique, machine pieced, and machine quilted by Sophia. 5 different denim blue fabrics were used for the background, to give the quilt some movement of the eye. It took a very enjoyable 2-1/2 years to make the 196 blocks and finish this quilt.

Muriels Quilt

A Quilt by "Muriel G"

Muriel's Quilt, (from Caloundra, QLD) was made for her teenage grandaughter's single bed. She used the half square triangle and the 24” and 18” adjustable rulers.

It was professionally quilted by Barb Cowan from The Quilt Connection. Thank you for creating tools that make the patchwork process so much easier and with greater accuracy.

"Hand Painted Tiles De Morgan Persia 1890"

This quilt was made by Jude Liebmann and as you can see from the ribbons, it won a few prizes at the Victorian Quilters 2011 Showcase including Mainly Applique Amateur and Westalee Best Original Design Award.

"Westalee Sampler Quilt"

This quilt was made by Elvie Davies and it took just over a year to complete. It was Elvie's first Patchwork Quilt

"Westalee Sampler Quilt"

This quilt was made by Vida Hansen, Elvies 92 year old mother.

"Not Quite a Log Cabin"

"I have just completed this quilt and I thought that I would share this photo with you. I am very pleased with the finished result and I must say that using your tools made the task much easier and provided a level of accuracy that I have been unable to achieve before."

Dyane Cooke

"Kali Star"

"I finally finished my quilt on the weekend. Thanks again for the great pattern and rulers."

Leonie Parsons - Sept.


"Quilt made by Flo McBeath" Submitted by Beryl Tartaglia from Tarmac Fabrics, Kerang

Flo used our Illusions Tool Set to create the wonderful border on her quilt.

Kali Star

"Quilt made by Jill Burton from Patchwork Place in Albany Western Australia

Jill used the Kali Star Template Set

Kali Star

"Quilt made by Jill Burton from Patchwork Place in Albany Western Australia

Kali Star

"Quilt made by Sue Watt from Kerang, Victoria

You have made beautiful colour choices with the fabric

Kali Star Pillow Cases

"Made by Sue Watt from Kerang, Victoria

Thought I would share with you the pillow cases I have made from the Karli Star offcuts, by "jigsaw piecing" them together. I am quite pleased with how they have turned out.

Kali Star

"Quilt made by Leonie West from Westalee Design

Leonie used 52 different fabrics in this quilt, all from her stash

Only consideration for fabric choice was, it had to be full width.