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December Newsletter 2013

In this Newsletter:
Kali Star - Christmas Tree Skirt, Place Mat, Table Center and Table Runner
New Videos
Adjustable Braiding Tool
Adjustable Half Hexagon Ruler
Adjustable Isosceles Triangle
Adjustable Isosceles Sashing Ruler
Why I Starch
Ruler Rack - 14 tool capacity
Border Control
Demonstrations and Workshops

Kali Star

We released the Kali Star in April and WOW! we have seen some beautiful Quilts made with the set.

For Christmas, Leonie has made a Tree Skirt, some place mats and a table runner, all with the Kali Star template set.

The pieces were made using only a few of the templates in the Kali Star Set.

New Videos

We added two new videos to our "Instructions and Videos" page. the first is on Fabric Preparation: Patchwork like most things, follows some basic steps, Leonie talks about fabric preparation, using our Adjustable Ruler, a Rotary Cutter and the Cutting Mat

The video can be viewed on YouTube here: Fabric Preparation:

The second is the making of the Kali Star Quilt: The video is a tutorial and a step by step process using the Kali star templates. Leonie uses 53 different fabrics from her stash. The only criteria was, they had to be full width of fabric. The video can be viewed on You Tube here: Kali Star Video.

Adjustable Braiding Tool

With our Braider, it is now easier to make Braid to fit your projects. You can now cut Braid to measurement, Length, Width and Strip Width, with the points docked for easy alignment. The Tool is double ended to give you the squares and strips.
This tool was made to work with our Adjustable Ruler and Triangles, for Braids up to 6" in width you will need the 2" to 6" Adjustable Half Square Triangle or for Braids over 6" and up to 12" in width use the Adjustable 12" Corner Setting Triangle.

Tree of Life panel surrounded in Braid.

Braider Tool available here:

Adjustable Half Hexagon

Easily and Accurately cut Half Hexagons - Quarter Hexagons - 3 Quarter Half Hexagons - Equilateral Triangles - Half Equilateral Triangles, all in the one tool. From Cut from 1 and a half inch to 4 and a half inch strips

This Quilt was made using the Adjustable Half Hexagon with 4 different sized Half Hexagon pieces laid out to give a three dinensional look. The Quilt measures 84 by 76 inches

Adjustable Hexagon Available Here:

Adjustable Isosceles Triangle

This Triangle comes either as a 2 piece set or individual pieces. Adjusable from 2" to 6" finished block size. Both Templates come with seam allowance built in, no difficult maths with these.

Adjustable Isosceles Triangles Available Here:

Adjustable Isosceles Sashing Ruler

Create Pieced Sashing to form stars at all of the intersections. Simply cut the sashing to size, add the half Isosceles Triangles to the corners and sew to the blocks adding cornerstones

Adjustable Isosceles Sashing Ruler Available Here:

Why I Starch


Starch Article by Leonie West

There are many different weights and bodies of fabric that we use in patchwork, starching the fabric brings the fabrics on to an even playing field, making piecing easier.

Click on the pdf logo to open the info sheet.

Out and about

Each year we have been visiting Patchwork Stores for Demonstrations and Workshops, teaching passionate ladies Leonie's technique for getting sharp points and accurate piecing. It has been a wonderful experience and one we will continue through 2014

Demonstrations / Workshops

We are already booked for a busy start to 2014 with venues covering 4 States and are looking forward visiting you. If you would like to have us visit your favourite store or talk to your patchwork group, please drop us an email.

Ruler / Template Rack

Our Ruler and Template Rack has a capacity to hold a minimum of 14 Rulers or Templates and because each division is wider than 6mm, it can handle your Long Arm Machine Templates. The Rack comes with a Purple Base and clear uprights. Other colors will be available from time to time

Ruler Rack Available Here:

Border Control

This Ruler folds out to measure 60" x 61/2” plus mitre 1" to 60" or 1" to 120" with fabric folded Cut long lengths for BORDERS or SASHING easily without having to mark and move your ruler. For MITRE BORDERS all you need to know is HALF the finished size of the quilt centre (without the seam allowance).

Border Control Available Here:

Wishing you a Safe and Happy Christmas and New Year
Happy Piecing


Bill and Leonie West